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Below you will see the list of prices for our services.
Description of our services can be found on respective pages of our web-site.

Getting started:
When you are ready to use our services and get registered, an account is created for you. Then you should add funds to this account. A-Pretty.com uses its own currency called credit. When you pay for A-Pretty.com services with your credit card or money transfer in one of the six currencies (USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD, CHF), the money is converted into credits, and credits are added to your account at A-Pretty.com. Each time you add funds to your account or use any piece of our services, every action is recorded in your Payment History. You do not have to pay until you actually want to start using our services.

Payment method:
You can pay for our services on-line, using a credit card or e-check, or off-line sending money by money transfer. Do not be concerned about using your credit card online - on-line orders are processed through the third party secure payment server of our designated payment service provider for credit card orders with VISA / MasterCard licenses and 3D Secure protocol. If you prefer to send money off-line, choose money transfer as preferred method of payment.

Payment currency:
You can also choose in which currency you prefer to pay for our services. The costs of our services are measured in USD as it is considered to be the most stable currency in the world economy, but we offer our customers to choose and pay in one of the 6 most used currencies: USD, EUR, GBP. You can choose the currency which is more convenient for you from the list of three currencies. We advise to choose the currency of your credit card account: thus you will avoid currency conversion fee that is usually taken by your bank. The currency exchange rate is taken from forex.com and updated regularly.

To add funds to your account you should log in and choose ADD CREDITS link. You will be asked to choose payment method and the currency of payment (USD, EUR, GBP). Once chosen, the settings for payment will be saved for your account, though you can change the settings any time you want, for example, change the payment from LPB Bank to PaymentsTrust or vice versa.

Using services:
After you added funds to your account at A-Pretty.com you can start using our services. Every time you send a letter or an Inquiry, open a letter, send or receive additional photos, order an address or a gift delivery, credits are deducted from your account. Below you will see how much ONE credit costs depending on the amount of credits you buy with one payment, and costs for each piece of services you use. If you have any problems using our site or questions about our services, always contact us using Support Center link in your account, our managers will help you.

Here's the price-list for purchasing CREDITs :
in one payment
200 CREDITs$ 3.95 $ 789.97
100 CREDITs$ 4.00 $ 399.98
75 CREDITs$ 4.53 $ 339.99
50 CREDITs$ 5.00 $ 250.00
40 CREDITs$ 5.30 $ 211.99
30 CREDITs$ 5.50 $ 164.99
25 CREDITs$ 5.70 $ 142.49
24 CREDITs$ 5.75 $ 138.00
20 CREDITs$ 5.90 $ 118.00
16 CREDITs$ 6.00 $ 95.99
15 CREDITs$ 6.05 $ 90.74
14 CREDITs$ 6.10 $ 85.40
13 CREDITs$ 6.15 $ 79.95
12 CREDITs$ 6.20 $ 74.39
11 CREDITs$ 6.25 $ 68.75
10 CREDITs$ 6.30 $ 63.00
9 CREDITs$ 6.40 $ 57.60
8 CREDITs$ 6.50 $ 52.00
7 CREDITs$ 6.70 $ 46.90
6 CREDITs$ 6.75 $ 40.50
5 CREDITs$ 6.80 $ 34.00
4 CREDITs$ 7.00 $ 28.00
3 CREDITs$ 7.25 $ 21.75
2 CREDITs$ 7.50 $ 15.00
1 CREDITs$ 9.99 $ 9.99

Pay by money transfer and get FREE intros with every credit you buy.

Special offer: get 50% bonus with your first payment!
For all customers who pay for the first time:
buy 2 CREDITs - get 2+1=3 CREDITs to account;
buy 3 CREDITs - get 3+1,5=4,5 CREDITs to account.
*Works only with your FIRST payment.
**Works only with 2, 3 CREDITs.

Service package:
Subscribe to service package and save on Inquiries and video. Choose the term of subscription convenient for you from 1-3 months service package subscription! Service package subscription benefits: every month of your subscription you can watch 20 video FREE; send 10 Inquries FREE. Plus if our subscriber adds credits to his account, he gets a 2% to 11% discount with every payment. Read details in the service package subscription section.

you get
1 month$ 50.0020 video, 10 queries,
and more
3 months$ 75.0060 video, 30 queries,
and more

Inquiry (note of interest):
   -   1 Inquiry - 0.25 of a credit
Inquiry is an expression of interest that attracts woman's attention to your profile in the catalog.

E-mail and photo forwarding:
   -   to send 1 letter of 10000 symbols (including translation) - 1 credit
*plus 0.02 credit per 100 symbols over 10000
   -   to read a reply from a woman - 1 credit
   -   to read a letter of introduction from a woman - 0.25 credits
   -   to forward 1 photo - 0.5 credits
*if you send a photo for a lady she gets it printed with your letter and may have a look at it on the screen of the computer at the office; if she wants to send you more pictures of herself she brings them to the local agency and the agency sends these photos as attached files to the woman's reply. When you receive woman's reply with files attached you can decide how many photos you want to open; when you open the files, credits are deducted from your account. You will not be charged for viewing the same photos again.

Gifts delivery:
   -   1 rose - 4 credits
   -   3 roses - 5 credits
   -   5 roses - 8 credits
   -   7 roses - 11 credits
   -   9 roses - 14 credits
   -   11 roses - 16 credits
   -   15 roses - 17 credits
   -   flower basket - 20 credits
   -   small box of candies (Rafaello or Ferrero Rocher) - 4 credits
   -   small stuffed animal - 7 credits
   -   big stuffed animal - 13 credits
   -   a bottle of champagne - 5 credits
   -   cake - 4 credits
   -   fruit basket: pineapple, apples, grapes, bananas, kiwi, lemons, oranges, and more 6 credits
   -   photo on delivery - 1 credit
   -   Delivery charge for any order - 3 credits includes free translated message up to 500 symbols that will be written on a greeting card in the shape of the heart!
*We can deliver ANY other gift you may wish to present, even if it is not listed in the standard list of gifts. Please, contact us to find out the price on your special order.

We accept payments by WebMoney

WebMoney Transfer is the global settlement system and environment for online business activities. WebMoney Transfer Technology is based on providing all its users with unique interfaces that allow to operate and control individual property rights for valuables (assets), stored at the specialized entities, the Guarantors (participants of the System who are located in various jurisdictions and store valuables of various legal nature). A technology, implemented by WebMoney Transfer offers various security measures necessary to perform transactions online safely. Read more at http://www.wmtransfer.com/eng/about/ You can become the user of the system easily by registering at http://start.wmtransfer.com/?lang=en and send money to and recieve money from other WebMoney Transfer users.

To pay for our services using WebMoney please, login to your account, go to the payment page following "Buy credits" link, click "Change method of payment" button and choose WebMoney Transfer. Choose the amount of credits you want to buy and click "Buy now" button.

When you make payment using WebMoney as your chosen payment method you will be redirected to WebMoney Transfer website. The processing of payment is automatic, the funds will be added to your account in real time without any delays.

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