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Subscribe to service package and save you on Inquiries and video.
Choose the term of service package subscription convenient for you!

service package subscription benefits:
Every month of your service package subscription you can
- Watch 20 video FREE;
- Send 10 Inquries FREE.
Plus if our subcribers adds funds to his account, he gets a 2% to 11% discount with every payment.
Read further for details.

Buying service package subscription:
To buy service package subscription you should log in and choose Subscribe to service package link. You will be asked to choose payment method (2BuySafe Retail or money transfer) and the currency of payment. The costs of subscription are measured in CHF, but we offer our customers to pay in one of the most used currencies: USD, EUR, GBP. You can choose the currency which is more convenient for you from the list of three currencies. We advise to choose the currency of your credit card account: thus you will avoid currency conversion fee that is usually taken by your bank. The currency exchange rate is taken from forex.com and updated regularly.

You can pay for our services using your credit card or e-check. Do not be concerned about using your credit card online: online orders are processed by 2BuySafe Retail, an authorized Sales Agent for our web-site. If you prefer to send money off-line, choose money transfer as preferred method of payment.

Service package subscription terms:
Quantity Price Benefits
1 MONTH 50 USD 20 video, 10 inquiries, 2% discount with every payment
3 MONTHS 75 USD 60 video, 30 inquiries, 3% discount with every payment

You save:
   -   1 Inquiry costs 0.25 credits for non-subcribers, as a subcriber you can send 10 Inqiries free of charge, which means you save 2.5 credits every month!
   -   1 video costs 0.5 - 1 credit for non-subcribers, as a subcriber you can watch 20 video free of charge, which means you save from 10 to 20 credits every month!

E-mail and photo forwarding for subcribers.

Symbols limit in one letter for the cost of 1 credit:
For 1 credit our clients can send a letter up to 10000 symbols long (approximately three sheets of paper when the letter is printed), every 100 symbols over 10000 cost 0.02 of a credit. But our subcribers can send longer letters: the longer your subcription term is, the longer letters you can send without additional charge:

Our 1-2 months subcribers get 10% bonus for "over-limit" symbols, i.e. for 1 credit they can send letters up to 11000 symbols long.
Our 3 months subcribers get 25% bonus for "over-limit" symbols, i.e. for 1 credit they can send letters up to 12500 symbols long.
All symbols in one letter that go over the limit cost 0.02 of a credit for every 100 additional symbols.

To read a reply from a woman - 1 credit
To read a letter of introduction from a woman - 0.25 of a credit
To forward 1 photo - 0.5 of a credit
BUT: our service package subscribers get discounts with every payment, thus making correspondence cheaper!
Our 1-2 months subcribers get 2% discount;
Our 3 months subcribers get 3% discount;
For example, you are currently have 1 month service package subscription active and add 10 credits to your account, you receive 10,2 credits; if you have subscribed to service package for 3 months and buy 10 credits, you already receive 10,3 credits. And if you buy 50 credits? Right! you get 1,5 credits more and save the cost of 1,5 credits (which equals 12 USD)!

Save on correspondence being service package subscriber!

* Please, note: service package subscription at our site DOES NOT mean unlimited corresponding. Being a subcriber you will still have to pay for using our e-mail forwarding system, i.e. for reading/writing letters through our web-site.
* We highly recommend subscription to those clients who are interested in watching video: for $75 (three months subscription) you get 60 free videos, which make 1 video cost $1.25 in comparison to usual 0.5 of a CREDIT = $2.5 approximately (note: calculation is based on the cheapest CREDIT of $5)!
* Your subscription is registered the day you pay and ends 1-3 months after this date. If you do not manage to use all INQUIRIES and watch all videos free during the time of your subscription they will expire. However, if you prolong your subscription before your first term expires, you will save unused INQUIRIES and videos.
* Bonuses do not sum up, the higher bonus will be applied. For example, if you have three-months subscription bonus of 3% and use "limited time offer" proposition for 25% bonus with a certain payment, you will be getting 25% with this payment, not 3% and not 28%.
* Service package subscription credits are not added with payments for more than 50 credits.

Video package :
Buying the package of video you get possibility to view video clips for the girls with considerable discount.
According to our regular price-list to view one video costs 1 credit = 7.50 USD.
If you buy video package you make one video review much cheaper, up to 2 USD per one video review.

Introduction letters Package :
Buying the package of intro you get possibility to read letters of introduction you receive from girls with considerable discount.
According to our regular price-list to read one intro costs 0.25 credit = 1.88 USD.
If you buy intro package you make one introduction letter much cheaper, up to 0.50 USD per reading an intro letter.

Correspondence Package :
If you are not going to buy credits in bulk and want to correspond with ONE girl only, you should consider buying the package of correspondence.
You buy a package of 3 letters + 3 replies for 34 USD or 5 letters + 5 replies for 52 USD thus making one letter cheaper.
Please, note: correspondence package does not include reading a letter of introduction from the lady. To read a letter of introduction, that is first letter a lady sent to you, will cost you usual 0.25 of a credit.

On-line Chat Package :
For those who like saving money! We offer you our new package of service - on-line chat minutes.
This package will suit those customers who are more into on-line chat than into writing letters.
Normally, you pay for on-line chat in credits.
Each minute of chat costs you 0.096 credits for a text chat, 0.192 for a video chat with one web-camera on, and 0.288 when both lady's and your cameras are turned on.
Considering the cost of 1 credit 5 USD (in case you buy 50 credits for 250 USD), you pay 0.48 USD per minute.
Considering the cost of 1 credit 6 USD (in case you buy most popular 16 credits for 96 USD), you pay 0.576 USD per minute.
Buying our on-line minutes service package you will pay as little as 0.41 USD per minute!
1) You buy package for 250 USD. In this package 1 minute costs 0.41 usd. You get 600 minutes to your account.
2) You buy package for 200 USD. In this package 1 minute costs 0.41 usd. You get 480 minutes to your account.
3) You buy package for 130 USD. In this package 1 minute costs 0.43 usd. You get 300 minutes to your account.
4) You buy package for 96 USD. In this package 1 minute costs 0.45 usd. You get 210 minutes to your account.
5) You buy package for 85 USD. In this package 1 minute costs 0.47 usd. You get 180 minutes to your account.
6) You buy package for 60 USD. In this package 1 minute costs 0.50 usd. You get 120 minutes to your account.
7) You buy package for 32 USD. In this package 1 minute costs 0.53 usd. You get 60 minutes to your account.
8) You buy package for 18 USD. In this package 1 minute costs 0.60 usd. You get 30 minutes to your account.
* No additional bonuses or discounts are applied.

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