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What is A-Pretty.com?

A-Pretty.com is a web-site of the marriage agency that helps single people to meet. Our specialization is International dating, to be more precise, we help pretty women from Ukraine, Russia, and other countries of the former Soviet Union to meet foreign men to marry. We do not only display profiles of pretty single women, but also help them in contacting foreign men, translate and forward by email women's letters to foreign men and vice versa, deliver gifts which foreign men order for the women, help our male-clients to organize their stay in one of the cities in the former Soviet Union. A-Pretty.com presents profiles of marriage-minded mail order brides from Ukraine and Russia, whose profiles were registered by marriage and dating agencies situated all over Ukraine and Russia. These marriage agencies do ID check of all the women who apply, so we are proud to say that all women in our database are real, single, and serious. A-Pretty.com is a convenient means of communication between pretty single women from Eastern Europe and Western men.

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Why should I use your services?

We do not make any of the men to use our services - if you decide to become our client it is only your decision. You need our services if:
- you are serious in your intentions to find a pretty woman from Ukraine or Russia to marry;
- you want to be sure that a woman you communicate with is real and sincerely interested in you;
- you think that "free cheese is only in a mouse-trap" and understand that it is better to pay for the high-quality service, than to get access to thousands of outdated profiles at some free web-site;
- you clearly realize that search in the Internet for a wife from Russia is not an easy way to go, and not a short one either.
At A-Pretty.com you find all you need - catalog with profiles and photos of beautiful single women, oportunity to contact these women and establish serious relations, experienced and supportive staff ready to help you. You find everything in one place, and you can go with A-Pretty.com from the beginning - online introduction - through Internet dating, correspondence, phone conversations - to personal meeting with your pretty women from Russia or Ukraine and marriage.

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Why Russian and Ukrainian women are searching for a husband abroad?

The reasons are objective. First of all, deficiency of men in the countries of the former Soviet Union: there are less men than women in Russia and Ukraine. Men die earlier, or are subject to serious illnesses. As a result, every tenth woman at the age of 35 can't find a partner for a marriage. Then all over the world Russian men are known for their hard drinking. This problem exists in other countries as well, but not on such large scale. This is so often in Russia and Ukraine that if a husband doesn't drink, he is considered almost an angel, even if he is far from being nice. The other problem is many men in Russia believe they should be allowed to have as many mistresses as they want. Besides, there is crisis of modern Russia. Russian living standards differ from Western ones, and every woman wants stability for her family, she needs to be sure in her children's future, so women try to settle themselves in more prosperous countries, it is their right. No one can blame women for desire of better life for them and their children.

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Why photos of your women are so pretty? Are these women real at all?

Women understand that the first impression foreign men get about a woman is from the photos in her profile in our pretty women catalog, and if the picture is of low quality you may not write the woman back. If a girl is serious she will go to the professional photographer and pay quite a sum of money and make professional photos where she looks good. Later on, while exchanging letters, the woman can send you her amateur photos, made by her friends (such amateur pictures are really of worse quality than professionally made ones, and after scanning and resizing the quality of amateur photos become even lower; that's why we do not advise women to use their home-made photos for profiles on the web-site). The agency usually advises a woman to go to the photographer who makes good photos. You can notice similarities in photos of women from one city. By the way, some of Western guys should give more attention to their photos as well: when a woman sees in your profile picture from your first wedding in which you just have "cut off" your ex-wife, it doesn't look like you are serious, and many women would feel humiliated by this: they take pains to show you the best, sometimes make several photo-sessions at different photographers to attract your attention, and you post to your profile just any picture of yours... If you are not going to the photo-studio to make pictures, try at least find one where you are alone, without ex-girlfriends or any other women (even if it is your mother or sister), where you look good, where you are (preferably) dressed nicely, and most important - this should be a recent picture of yourself.

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Can I get the lady's postal address and telephone?

Yes, of course, you can get woman's direct contact information, but only of the lady with whom you correspond. Men and women can exchange postal addresses and phone numbers in letters sent through our email forwarding system, but they can not exchange emails, emails are automatically deleted from the letters. Please, note that you can ask the lady for her contact information only after you write her 5 letters. Why? First and foremost because women joined the agency seeking serious relations, and they do believe that men who contact them through the agency are more reliable and trustworthy. Secondly, corresponding with a woman you give her a possibility to learn something about you, from your profile in the Men Catalog (which she receives with your first letter, do not forget about it) and from your letters. Giving her address and phone number in her reply she will not feel that she is giving this information to a stranger, and when your postal letter arrives she will know who you are. Exchanging phone numbers in the letters do not forget about the time difference, and it would be advisable if you agree about the time of your call in advance. You can ask for lady's contact information in your sixth letter. The lady should give this information to you personally. Administration of the site do not give contact information of the ladies to men.

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What is Men Catalog?

Men Catalog is a place for foreign men to place their profile and photos, and thus make this information available for pretty women from Ukraine and Russia and let women contact you if your ad seems interesting to them. You can place your ad in our Men Catalog absolutely free.

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How to place an ad in Men Catalog?

All you need to do is go through a simple registration process. As soon as you complete your registration form, your personal account at A-Pretty.com is created, your profile appears in the Men Catalog. You will be able to change your profile information any time, as well as to add/ change photos in your profile. You will also get your personal mailboxes where letters from/ to our women will be stored. You will get posibility to change settings for your account at Account Options: choose whether you would like to get news from A-Pretty.com, notifications about letters, etc.

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Is it safe to post my profile in Men Catalog?

Yes, it is perfectly safe. Your last name, address, email, phone number are not available for even our local marriage agencies, only web-site administration can view this information. What agencies and women see is your name, age, country and city, details about your hobbies and interests, what qualities you search for in a woman.

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Can I delete my ad from Men Catalog?

Yes, you can delete your ad from Men Catalog if you do not want to get letters of introduction from new women, and want to continue using our serves (for example, if you are corresponding with some women at A-Pretty.com marriage agency). If you do not want to remail a client of A-Pretty at all, you should contact us about deleting your account, which means all your records will be deleted from our database completely, and if you later decide to use our services again, you will have to create new account, i.e. register again.

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Can I use A-Pretty.com to send/receive emails without placing an ad?

You will not be able to use our services without registration, but you may choose not to place an ad in the Men Catalog and women will not be able to write you, but you will be able to write women. But in case you do not place an ad in the Men Catalog you will have to include some general information (age, height, weight, number of children, etc.) and photo in your first letter to every woman you contact.

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Where do I send and receive my e-mails?

Inside your account (which is created for you immediately after registration, with your email as a login) there are two mail-boxes: Inbox, where all letters from the women are stored, and Sent Mail, where all letters you have sent are gathered. If you want to send a letter to a woman, you do it simply by clicking "Email Me Now" button on her profile page, type in your letter in a special form, and as soon as you click "Send" button, the letter is sent to the woman's local agency working terminal, and can be viewed in your Sent Mail folder. You can also send a reply to a woman whose letter you receive and see in your Inbox: when you read the letter there is a button "Reply", hit it, and you will be able to compose your reply to a woman.

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What is SMS?

SMS is a short message up to 200 symbols long for cost 0.5 credits, the cost also includes possible short reply from a girl (if your SMS requires reply). SMS will be translated and delivered to the girl by phone. SMS is designed to help you contact a girl fast when you need it, or wish to send a short message and not to spend the whole credit on it.

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How do I know that someone wrote to me?

When a woman sends you a letter, our server automatically sends you notification about a letter from a woman. Since our new clients may receive up to 10-15 letters daily (which is only natural, because newly registered men get more attention from our pretty women), you can set your Account Options not to get such notifications, or get them once a week so not to forget to check your Inbox regularly. At Account Options you will also be able to deactivate your ad from Men Catalog in order not ot get letters from new women.

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Can I send an attachment with my e-mail?

As for additional photos, you can exchange them through our web-site as well - we can forward additional photos of Russian women to foreign men and vice versa. To send or receive every additional photo costs 0.5 credits. If it is you who send photo, the woman gets it printed with your last letter to her. If it is your Russian bride who wants to send you some additional photos, the girl brings her additional pictures to the agency, the Russian woman's local agency scans her additional photos, and you get them attached to the woman's reply to your letter. Note, that you can choose to open all attached files, or only one or two, and then return later to open other additional photos attached to the girl's letter.

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Are my e-mails translated for the lady?

All the emails you send are translated from English into Russian if the woman needs translation, all letters from women to men are translated into English. There is no additional charge to you or the women for translation.

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How do I keep track of the balance of my account?

When you log into your account, you can see the amount available at your account at A-Pretty.com. If you want to see detailed report on when and for what services your funds were used, you can view your Payment History: you will need to choose period for which you want to check your account balance. If you have any questions regarding charges in your account, always contact us.

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Can I send my email address to the lady for direct communication?

No, we do not allow men and women to exchange email addresses while corresponding through A-Pretty.com. If a woman has email address and is willing to give it to you, agree about phone call and let her dictate her direct email address on the phone.

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What about if a woman that I want to write doesn't want to have correspondence with me? Do I lose money? In this case do you inform me?

If you are not sure that you will get a positive reply from a woman, we would recommend you to send an Inquiry for the first contact, as Inquiry is a smaller monetary risk for you than a letter. If you prefer contacting a woman with a letter, fine, but in case she does not reply you lose the cost of your letter. If a woman does not want to correspond with you you do not get anything from her: we ask local agencies not to send refusal letters to our male clients so men would not pay for reading a refusal letter. You will certainly get positive replies from women who responded to your ad in the Men Catalog.

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How do I pay?

You can pay for our services in different ways: first of all, you can pay on-line using your credit card. Do not be concerned about using your credit card online: credit card orders are processed by reliable providers of online card processing and payment solutions with VISA / MasterCard licenses, which provide services in the field of electronic commerce for online businesses. Your card data is stored on the secure servers of our payment processing partners, not in our database. We also accept off-line payments: if it is more convenient for you, you can pay by money transfer (we offer 5% discounts for certain payments through money transfer; choose this method of payment to learn the details). Besides, you can pay directly from your bank account to ours, for this kind of payment choose bank-to-bank wire transfer. On-line payments are processed in real time and funds are added to your account at our web-site automatically. If you choose to pay by money transfer or to a bank account you will have to wait from 2 to 7 business days till we receive the money and will add funds to your account at our site. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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Payment limits?

We would like to attract your attention to payment limits that may be applied to your credit card: the number of transactions or amount allowed for a single card in a given time period is limited by our authorized Sales Agent:
Daily limit: max total amount: 5000, max number of transactions: 10
Weekly limit: max total amount: 7000 max number of transactions: 20
Monthly limit: max total amount: 10000 max number of transactions: 30
Keeping in mind the limit for max number of transaction for a given period of time for one card you can use several credit cards to pay for our services, BUT we would recommend you a better way out:
make payments for a larger amount with one payment and you will get the same amount of credits or chat minutes for lower cost and will be using your card less often.

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I have just paid and funds have not been added to my account. Why?

The orders are processed automatically and funds are added to your account within 5-15 minutes after the moment you send funds. If the funds are not added to your account after 5-15 minutes, please, send us a copy of the customer' receipt where we will find all necessary information to apply payment to the right account.

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