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Date of birth:September 07, 1998
Height:5'7" (172 cm)
Weight:101 lb (46 kg)
Hair color:Red-haired
Eyes color:Brown
Religion:Russian Orthodox
Marital status:single

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English language:beginners' level
Hobbies and interests:My hobby is reading. It gives me great pleasure since childhood. The world of literature is fascinating and endless. I never choose a book just for its colorful cover. As a rule, I flip through the pages, read about the author and his awards. My favorite writers are J.K. Rowling, Irwin Yalon, Rafael Sobatini. The book gives me the opportunity to look at our life through the eyes of the author, analyze and agree or disagree with his point of view. Sometimes a book can completely change my way of thinking or help me solve a serious personal or psychological problem. I am also fond of theater. I participated in social projects. In moments when I really want to relax, I can listen to music. I also love outdoor activities. My friends and I often go for walks to the park.
About me:I am a very aspiring, friendly and hardworking person. Any job is easy for me. Diligence allows me not to get bored and use my time for the benefit of myself. Goodwill allows me to rejoice from the bottom of my heart in the victories of people close to me. I like being in the center of events, meeting new people, making acquaintances. I very easily find contact and topics of conversation with a stranger. My friends say that this is a very cool character trait. Of course, I also have moments when I do not want to go anywhere, but I just want to be alone. At these moments, a book becomes my friend, I especially like adventures. I try to devote a lot of time to study and self-development.
Seeks Partner:18 - 70 years old
Looking For Men Type:An ideal man for me is a harmonious combination of traditional masculine qualities, such as strength, courage, activity, intelligence, the ability to make responsible decisions, logical thinking, with feminine qualities, such as gentleness, tenderness, empathy, subtlety, caring, and intuition. But, of course, masculine qualities should always prevail. It should be important for a woman that next to her is a real man, with whom it is reliable, easy, warm and she can always hide from all adversity behind his back. The next quality is charisma. After all, no matter how bright the mind is, it is very important how a man is able to present it. Possession of charisma is the very highlight that makes communication with a person especially pleasant and interesting. This quality is able to reveal to a woman the inner world of her chosen one and show her how rich and interesting he is, this world. And the most basic quality is commitment.

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